Karachi sneaked into the play-offs after Lahore lost their last league game on Wednesday as Malik is unable to score up to his potential while the team managed just two wins in eight games.

Malik said he relinquished captaincy to focus on his game.
“I think I am not able to focus on my cricket and at the end of the day team is suffering because of that I have decided that in the rest of the Karachi Kings matches I don’t want to lead the Karachi team,” Malik said in a statement before taking questions.

Karachi will face Islamabad in the eliminator on Saturday.

Malik thanked the team management and Rvai Bopara for taking over leadership.

“Thanks to the mangement and thanks to Bopara that he accepted the captaincy and has promised to do the best what he can do for the team. I want to stress that its only for the team that I will not captain in the rest of the team.”

Asked would he accept Pakistan’s captaincy after Shahid Afridi retired from Twenty20 cricket after the World Twenty20, Malik replied: “First of all captaincy of Pakistan, when it comes will think and answer that, but for country any responsibility, even in the shape of captaincy or any other thing everyone should do that. ”

Malik denied he took note of Bopara’s criticism on his captaincy after loss to Islamabad on Wednesday.

“What Ravi said that day it was his opinion and I don’t take that as personal. They (television channels) used only one clip and showed that every time and Bopara’s name is a sub continent type name but he has been brought up and lived in England.

Malik said he still has a good captaincy record.

“I am an experienced captain and if you look at my record its better than many. My record domestically then its very good..

“Technically when we played Bilawal Bhatti we wanted to defend,” said Malik of the last match. “Every decision is taken after consultation and that is why because of an extra pacer e were better off in defending.

“We almost defended that total other than Brad Hodge played too well, he cant play such an innings every day,” said Malik of Hodge’s match winning knock of 85 for Islamabad.

“The match got out of our hands in the 16th over, so everyone has his opinion so if someone has given his opinion and its mixed then it was an attempt to prove that there are differences.”

Malik said leading Pakistan is a different honour.

“No doubt, is a big platform but in my opinion it can’t match international cricket and in my opinion as a professional cricketer what best I can do as a professional its my responsibility.

“Its only because of two reasons that I stepped down and the management accepted that and thanks to Bopara that he accepted that. My own game was suffering and the second is that maybe team gets better if someone else takes that responsibility. It happened in this PSL, Misbah-ul-Haq didn’t play and under Shane Watson their team did well.

“For me if my team wins and I have to leave captaincy or event sit on the bench then I accept that.”

Malik denied he had differences with team owner, Salman Iqbal.

“There is a whatsapp group of Karachi and if you see Salman bhai’s messages (owner) then after losing the match, when you pay to buy a team, then its tough to lift the team with good messages after defeat.”

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